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Winding up Memo-01

A recently divorced couple, mired by tragedy, struggle to maintain civility as they meet, one last time, to finalize the sale of their house.


Update 10/17/19:

Some fantastic news! Ghosts in the Ink picked up 4 awards from the Vegas Movie Awards over the weekend! We are incredibly proud of the cast and crew for their achievements.

We won in the following categories:

Best Actor - Igor Lewicki

Best Actress - Alexandra Miller

Best Original Score - Raymond Benson

Best 1st Time Screenwriter - Phil McCarron

Also, in other news, we have been officially selected for the Polish International Film Festival in Warsaw! Keep your fingers crossed for us. We are currently in contention for the Fusion Film Festival East Edition (Warsaw Poland), Blowup Art House International Film Festival (Chicago, USA), and The Polish International Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland.)

Ghosts in the Ink Poster

Update 10/09/19:

We have some more fantastic news!

Ghosts in the Ink has been selected for two more festivals!

We have been selected as Semi-Finalists for the Vegas Movie Awards in Las Vegas!

In addition to the film being nominated, we are also nominated in the following categories:

Best Actor - Igor Lewicki

Best Actress - Alexandra Miller

Best Original Score - Raymond Benson

Best Producer - Phil McCarron

Best 1st Time Screenwriter - Phil McCarron

There is also an Audience Vote for the Vegas Movie Awards, so if you can, we'd love your vote; our film is listed under the "Narrative" section.

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The second announcement is that 'Ghosts in the Ink' has been Officially Selected for the fabulous Blowup Arthouse International Film Festival in (Sweet home) Chicago! This one means a lot as 'Ghosts in the Ink' was conceived, planned and shot all in Chicago.

Stay tuned for all the updates as they come!

Keep in the loop on our social media sites listed on the footer at the bottom of the page.

As always, we're eternally grateful.

Update 09/23/19:

Apologies for the delay in the update, it has been a manic few weeks.

First I would love to thank everyone at the 3rd Annual Out of the Can Film Festival in Derby, England, and the incredibly people at Volt Media. It was a wonderful festival and we are incredibly honored to have picked up the awards for Best Short Film and Best Producer. There were some amazing indie films on show there, everything from tragic dramas to hilarious web-series. They truly put together an eclectic mix of of wonderfully-curated programming.

Writer/Producer Phil McCarron did a live Q&A session with the fabulous host, Paul Scates, and had wonderful discussions with festival director Mark Busby. It truly was an honor to be included in their marvelous festival.


Writer/Producer Phil McCarron getting ready to accept the awards

Writer/Producer Phil McCarron

An honorable mention goes to Men's Tweed Suits based out of Birmingham for getting Phil suited up for the event.


In other fabulous news! Ghosts in the Ink has been Officially Selected and nominated in 4 categories for East Europe International Film Festival in Warsaw Poland! We are incredibly honored to announce our nomination in the following categories:

Best Short Film - Ghosts in the Ink
-- Phil McCarron
-- Mika Santiaguel
-- Musa Isa
Best Lead Actress - Alexandra Miller
Best Lead Actor - Igor Lewicki
Best Hair Make-up & Body Design - Lauren Nicole Kirkpatrick

Director Igor Lewicki will be attending the festival that takes place between the 23rd & 30th of November.

As usual, with any new awards or nominations, an updated poster.

Ghosts in the Ink Poster

Update 08/26/19:

We are incredibly honored and humbled to announce the final list of nominations for the 3rd Annual Out of the Can International Film Festival in Derby, England hosted at the fabulous Derby QUAD.

Best Short - Ghosts in the Ink

Best Actor - Igor Lewicki

Best Actress - Alexandra Miller

Best Producer - Phil McCarron

'Ghosts in the Ink' will be screening for it's UK Premiere on Saturday the 7th of September at 12:15.

A massive thank you to Out of the Can, their sponsors Film Volt Media and, of course, to the entire cast and crew for all the hard work that brought us here. As always, a humble thank you.

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Update 08/13/19:

It has been a while since our last update. Apologies. It's been a busy few months preparing for the thick of the festival season. With that, I'd like to announce some of the major events coming up for 'Ghosts in the Ink'

First off, we are humbled to have been Officially Selected for Out of the Can International Film Festival in Derbyshire, England!

Here is our current, upcoming list of events:

World Premiere: 19th of August Fusion International Film Festivals(West Edition in Brussels, Belgium) 🇧🇪

UK Premiere: 7th of September for Out of the Can Film Festival (Derbyshire, England) Screening at QUAD - Derby 🇬🇧

26th of September for NVIFF (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Awards Ceremony 🇳🇱

Hopefully in the coming weeks, we'll here back from some more festivals.

As always, we've updated the poster with our new laurel.

Ghosts in the Ink Poster

Update 06/09/19:

Schiltron Films is pleased to announce quite a few things, actually.

First, Ghosts in the Ink has been nominated for multiple awards at:

West Europe International Film Festival - Brussels Edition 🇧🇪

Nominations include:
Best Director of a Short Film - Igor Lewicki
Best Leading Actress in a Short Film - Alexandra Miller
Best Leading Actor in a Short Film - Igor Lewicki
Best Hair Make-Up & Body Design - Lauren Kirkpatrick

This will now be the World Premiere of Ghosts in the Ink, in Brussels, Belgium in early August.

Anyone who wishes to attend the premiere and awards show, e-mail Igor for more information.

Also, we were granted Official Selection at another festival:

Dumbo Film Festival, NY, USA. 🇺🇸

Sadly, at Dumbo Film Festival, we did not win, but it is always an honour to be recognized, even if it's just the short list.

Finally, and it hasn't been released yet, but TattooedNow!, our fabulous temporary tattoo vendor (and also the makeup artists on the critically-acclaimed HBO mini-series Chernobyl) plans to promote us as one of the clients. It's a distinct honour to be associated, even tangentially, with such a magnificent series (Chernobyl) and the behemoth of HBO, and to be associated with TattooedNow!

As always, with new selections come a new poster!


Phil McCarron
Schiltron Films Owner

Update 05/28/19

A double update for today!

Ghosts in the Ink was honored as a finalist in the bi-monthly competition at the Aphrodite Film Awards for March-April! (NYC, New York, USA)

Also, Igor Lewicki was honored as a finalist for Best Actor, and Alexandra Miller Won for Best Actress!

Congratulations to both Alexandra and Igor for their talent in the arts being recognized!

We are also incredibly honored to be announced winners at the Eurasia Film Festival for Best Short (under 15 min) for the month of April! (Moscow, Russia)

We are all incredibly humbled by the awards and recognition our film has garnered over the last few months.

Update 05/10/19

Another selection for Ghosts in the Ink!

We'd like to thank the wonderful people at "The People's Film Festival" Kino London.

Ghosts in the Ink was selected as a Semi-Finalist for their April 2019 monthly award.


Update 05/04/19

I'd like to announce that Ghosts in the Ink has been awarded a few wins from MindField Film Festival - Albuquerque's Bi-Monthly Festival! Congratulations to the cast and crew. And a big thank you to @ABQMindFieldFF for recognizing these talented artists.

Our award wins are:
Best Short Film - Ghosts in the Ink (Diamond)
Best Actor - Igor Lewicki (Platinum)
Best Actress - Alexandra Miller (Gold)
Best Original Score - Raymond Benson (Platinum)

This puts everyone in contention for their annual awards, later this year. ☺️

Congratulations to everyone.👏👏👏

Update 04/29/19

Another Official Selection for Ghosts in the Ink!

This time from The Monthly Movie Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, for the month of April. We'll hear back soon as to whether or not we won any specific awards. ::Fingers Crossed::

I'd like to thank the cast and crew, it's their hard work that is being recognized here.

As Always, a humble thank you.


Also! A specific member of our cast was recognized for their individual brilliance. The wonderfully talented, incredibly professional, and kindest person you'll meet, Alexandra Miller, was nominated for Best Actress!

A true, and hearty, congratulations to Alexandra for a spellbinding performance! I know I speak for the whole crew when I say that you've more than earned the recognition!

Update 04/21/19

So the selections are coming hard and fast now! We've just been selected for Short to the Point film festival in Bucharest, Romania!

Congratulations to all of the cast and crew. This is the recognition of your stellar work.

Update 04/16/19

I'm pleased to announce that Ghosts in the Ink has received official selection to the International Shorts Film Festival in Victoria, Australia!

From the cast and crew, we are incredibly honored to be selected.

Update 03/14/19:

Fantastic news! Ghosts in the Ink has had its first official film festival selection!

We are so honored and humbled that NVIFF has selected us for their monthly awards. Fingers crossed we win the month, because that puts us in the prestigious annual show in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

So a big thank you to everyone over at the New Vision International Film Festival and, of course, to the cast and crew that put together such a beautiful film.

Update 02/03/19:

I'm proud to announce that, with the immense efforts of both Karl El Sokhn and myself during the post-production phase, Ghosts in the Ink is complete!

The color-grading magic of Karl has been married to my sound design and edit and we are exporting a final cut for submission to the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

It's been a long, long, long journey, but we have passed the finish line regarding the content.

Of course, we still have other festival targeting, subtitling etc to do, but for all intents and purposes, Ghosts in the Ink is complete.

I'd like to thank cast, crew, family, friends, and everyone that supported our efforts to make this film. When it's finally ready for public display, we hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

As a little treat, here are some of Karl's magnificent colored stills, before and after.

Update 01/12/19:

Belated happy new year! We have been tirelessly working through post-production to complete this wonderful journey from script to screen.

Today, we completed a truly magnificent music recording session with the immensely talented and famously friendly Raymond Benson. The musical score to a film often plays the role of an unseen character and is so important to the how the mood of a scene of a received, and Raymond scored each piece to perfection. Also, a special thanks to my good friend Tim for allowing us the use of his pitch-perfect digital grand piano.

We now begin the process of placing his wonderful notes into the film.

We now also have a full, 4K, color graded, musically scored, trailer for your viewing pleasure!

Enjoy and keep checking in for more updates!

As always, a humble thank you to everyone who has been a part of and supported this project.

Update 12/30/18:

....and the silence is broken.

It's been a while since we've updated you on the progress of Ghosts in the Ink, but we haven't been idle.

We streamlined the post-production team to maximize the output and we have a lot of content almost ready to roll out!

  • Photographic/Script booklet has been completed. It includes behind-the-scenes pictures taken from the set and some still from the film accompanied by the full script. Next step is getting it printed, but I'll export a sample page as a little teaser.
  • Three scenes have been fully edited and completed, along with a rough assemble of the entire film! Karl El Sokhn, Igor Lewicki and I are now going over the rough cut and refining it.
  • I've finished the 60 second trailer, just waiting on music clearance to use my preferred song for the trailer then we can release it.
  • I've also finished a version of the film poster. Working on a few others, they do say that variety is the spice of life.
  • For all the Indiegogo contributors, packages are almost ready to send out, with the exception of those that ordered the photographic/script booklet (waiting for print) so those will be mailed out first week of the new year.

Stay tuned for more progress and the content roll out as soon as we get it. As always, a humble thank you.

Ghosts in the Ink Poster

Update 12/04/18: 

This week we start the post-production wheels actually moving!

Video editing is going to begin shortly with Karl El Sokhn and myself, and we are still locking down our sound team for post.

Also, İdil Meriç and I are putting together a lovely bound script with still photographs in it for those who purchased one on the Indiegogo campaign. We might run a few extras for sale too. 🤩

Musa Isa and myself are going to be putting together our festival target list and seeing what festivals best fit the tone of our film. We'll keep you posted on any further updates.

Thank you all for taking an interest in Ghosts in the Ink.

Update 11/11/18: Here is our update from Indiegogo, check out the film stills we have, fully colored by our exceptional cinematographer, Karl El Sokhn. Click on the image below to see more!

Update 11/7/18: So after a long and very busy weekend, we wrapped on shooting Ghosts in the Ink! It was in no small part to the wonderful crew we've put together to bring this story to life.

After looking over some of the early footage, we all have the feeling that we have something very special here. Mesmerizing performances, stunning cinematography, crystal clear sound, deft set design, gaffers and grips with endless drive to get each shot lit to perfection, a ninja still photographer that, thanks to a silent shutter, was never heard let alone seen, and a team of producers and supervisors to keep us all marching to the same beat.

Very soon we'll have some still and, fingers crossed, some clips for you. Here is one of the BTS of the magnificent Alexandra Miller having her tattoos applied by our makeup goddess Lauren Kirkpatrick.

But getting into post is just half of the journey, we still have coloring, sound design, sound & picture editing, and Raymond Benson waiting eagerly in the wings to score this beautiful film. Please, continue to share the Indiegogo for this little project of ours, we need all the funds we can so it can travel far and wide on the short film festival circuit.

As always, a humble thank you.

Update 11/1/18: After a lot of hard work preparing, we are transitioning into principle photography! Wish us luck and stay tuned for updates as soon as we can get them to you. In the mean time, please checkout our Indiegogo Campaign and help us make this the best possible film we can make. A humble thank you.

Update 10/16/18: Our Indiegogo Campaign is a go go!

Please click the link below and help us make the film a reality! Any donation you can make is humbly appreciated!

Update 10/12/18 : Our IMDb page is up! Check out some of the other cast/crews work. We've got an insanely talented group of people together for this film.

Update 10/11/18 : Location has been booked. Principle photography is scheduled to begin on November 1st!

Update 10/10/18 : Check out the "About Us" page to see our talented cast and crew. Click on their pictures to go to the artists' personal sites. We've brought on board the multi-talented Raymond Benson for the Musical Scoring of Ghosts in the Ink, and we've also added the magnificent İdil Meriç for Still Photography and Digital Media.