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♥We are hoping that Ghosts in the Ink will travel far and wide! We are submitting to festivals and, in the event of selection, will need to plan for travel. We are still raising money to cover these costs so that viewers around the world can recognize the talent of this amazing cast and crew.♥
STTP - Official Selection Laurel - Black Crocodile - March 2019
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Mindfield ABQ Official Selection Laurel
**NOTE: Both shirts have the same design. "Ghosts in the Ink" font on the front and the "Schiltron Films" logo on the back. Women's are V-neck, men's are crew neck.***

Women's V-neck Ghosts in the Ink T-Shirt

Womens T

$40 + Tax + S&H

Men's Ghosts in the Ink T-Shirt

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$40 + Tax + S&H

Photographic Script Booklet

A beautifully compiled booklet combining the raw words of the script with behind-the-scenes stills from our outstanding still photographer, Idil Meriç. Get a glimpse onto the set of Ghosts in the Ink!

Printed on 100lb text-weight paper with super-high quality images. 36 pages of stunning photography paired with the original words of the script.

$40 + Tax + S&H

Official Film Poster

The official film poster for Ghosts in the Ink! Full size, coming in at 24" wide and 36" tall. Printed on semi-gloss paper for a beautiful sheen.

$40 + Tax + S&H