Week 53 2020

Dr. Hershman, one of the leading surgeons of Alliance died suddenly on Monday of this week. He was treating a patient with the x-ray machine and apparently received a shock himself which caused his death. The machine carried only 110 volts.

The Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) 30 Dec 1920

The county jail is filled with prisoners and the next session of the district court on the 28th inst, will be a long and tedious one. It has been rumored that Jim Reynolds, who murdered the Pinkstons on Pumpkin Creek, has made a full confession of the crime. His attorney, W.C. Reilly, has gone to Missouri for the purpose of taking depositions and will try the insanity dodge in his client’s case. The day is passed in this county when murderers will be turned loose to prey upon the community.

The Kimball Observer (Kimball, NE) 18 Dec 1885

The ten months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Zern living on the Andrew Johnson place met with what proved to be a fatal accident last Saturday. We understand the parents were shucking corn and had the babe placed in the wagon when in some manner the little one fell to the ground, the wagon passing over its head and crushing the skull. The injured one was brought to the hospital and every aid that human skill could devise was rendered but to no avail, the little one passing away this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Zern have the sincere sympathy of the entire community in this, their sad loss.

Mr. and Mrs. Bellinger, of Shelby Neb. parents of Mrs. Zern, and Mr. and Mrs. Zern from Illinois, parents of the father of the child, came here in response to word of the accident.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) 2 Dec 1920

On a farm west of Hartington last Thursday occurred something that does not often happen that way. A storm was coming up and a boy about nine went out to throw the windmill out of gear. The lightning struck the mill, ran down the steel post, struck the boy in the back of the head, ran down his back and down one leg into the ground. It tore his clothes and shoe wide open but did not hurt the boy. —-Dixon Herald

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) 18 Jul 1902

E.M. Tubbs of Irvine, eastern Wyoming, is confined to his bed from injuries received when a gang of masked men tied him to a fence post and lashed him with whips for alleged mistreatment to his family. The victim’s flesh was badly lacerated, it is reported. An 11 year old stepson of Tubbs recently underwent an operation at a Douglas hospital for the amputation of both feet, said to have been frozen when he left home on one of the coldest nights of the winter after being threatened by Tubbs. This charge, it is believed, resulted in the horse whipping given Tubbs.

The Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) 23 Feb 1922

This quiet village was startled one day by the report that someone had rounded up a herd of widows and brought them to town. It proved to be a fact and strong men turned pale and fled. The editor who boards at the Donoher, hardly dared to go to his meals during their stay and he has gone to Kansas to recuperate, and the devil, when he had business in that direction, made a sneak up the alley until he passed their stopping place. Webb, the cigar maker, and Jay Moffett, his helper, couldn’t roll a cigar straight for several days but they have recovered from the shock now. Al Thacher suddenly remembered that he wanted to visit a friend on the reservation and could hardly wait long enough to have the team hitched up. They were all soldiers’ widows and they came here to homestead all the vacant land in Cherry County. —- Valentine Democrat

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) 11 Jul 1902

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