Week 1 2021

Little Norman Newberry met with quite an unfortunate accident Tuesday afternoon. He with other children were playing with a lawn mower and, remembering that they had been told not to play with it, started to put it up. Norman stooped to take out a strap from under the mower when his companion, not noticing what he was doing, pushed it forward and cut off the two middle fingers on his left hand just above the nails. A physician was called at once and the ends of the fingers were splinted in place. They have not caused him much pain as yet and there has not time enough elapsed to know whether the ends will grow back to the fingers.

The Alliance Herald 8 Aug 1902

Mrs. George Hewett, a maid at the Lincoln Hotel, Scottsbluff, was badly bruised but not seriously hurt, when she stepped into a freight elevator shaft and dropped eight feet from the first floor into the basement.

Western Nebraska Observer 2 Nov 1933

On Monday night a stabbing occurred in Winter’s saloon, which may yet prove fatal to the victim. Sam Sutherland, a cowboy from Camp Clarke, got into a difficulty with a stranger from Montana, named Richard Gaugh, while playing a game of cards. The latter drew a common pocket knife and stabbed Sutherland twice in the abdomen and several times in the arms and wrists. Sutherland is in the Post hospital and his assailant is in jail. Had it not been for Mark Oppenheim, who runs the lunch counter at Winter’s, Sutherland would have been killed outright.

Kimball Observer 19 Mar 1886


Fred Brown, the chain man bandit, was shot down last Monday at the Nebraska state prison by Guard Kiger. Brown, Roy Smith a bank robber, and Joe Dunn, also a robber and gun man, attempted to break out of the prison about three o’clock Monday afternoon. Brown shot and killed Clarence Morse, mail clerk at the pen. Brown was shot in the head with a load of buckshot as he attempted to climb a ladder and make his escape over the prison wall. Brown will be remembered by many Kimball people. Several years ago he got into trouble in Omaha when he chained two women in his den. He made his escape and was pursued by officers. In the chase he stole several cars along the way. He was shot and captured in Wyoming north of Rawlins. On his way out he was discovered by officers at Sidney who attempted to capture him but Brown won the battle when he tied them up by their suspenders and confiscated their Horseshoe. On his return State Sheriff Gus Hires permitted Kimball people to enter the train and see Brown as he lie wounded in the Pullman.

In the published account of the prison outbreak Mrs. Fenton, wife of Warden Fenton, was quoted:

“She mourned for Mr. Morse, deploring the death that had come so unexpectedly to him.”

And for Smith, who might live, and for Dunn, believed to be an accomplice, she said: “I suppose delegations of women will come out to bring them flowers and to make over them and plead for them if the electric chair threatens.”

The Western Nebraska Observer 1 Oct 1925


Arthur Jones, 35 years old, was killed Saturday night within the city limits in the northwestern end of Alliance when he was struck by an automobile driven by an unidentified man. Jones, who was a well driller living near Berea, had started home with a truck of well pipe and windmill timbers. He was alone. Evidentially his load had shifted and he had stepped out behind to replace it. He was apparently struck from behind by an auto being driven at a high rate of speed, for his abdomen was perforated by the inch and a quarter pipe. The autoist who struck him then made his escape, although the crash was heard by nearby residents and Jones was found within five minutes, dying almost as soon as he was found.

Torrington Telegram 6 Oct 1921

Average Life, Thirty-three Years

Good authorities give the average duration of the human life as about thirty-three years. One quarter of the people on the earth die before the age of six, one-half before the age of sixteen, and only about one person of each hundred lives to the age of sixty-five. The deaths are calculated at sixty-seven a minute, 97,700 a day and 35,639,885 a year. Births are calculated at about seventy a minute, 100,800 a day and 36,792,600 a year.

The Bushnell Record 30 Dec 1920

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