Week 3 2021

A man named Gus Peterson put his false teeth in his pocket while fishing near Ogallala last week. He placed an ad in the Ogallala paper and found them.

Western Nebraska Observer 25 May 1922

After beating his wife to death with a stove poker, Fred Hockmeier, wealthy farmer of near Leigh, hung himself from the roof of a wagon shed near the house where the murder was committed. The night prior to the tragedy, the couple had quarreled about a calf getting on the lawn.

The Bushnell Record 7 Aug 1919

Burning Horse Sets Fire to Barn

Hastings, Nebr., Aug. 30.—With burning flesh dropping from its sides, a horse broke out of a blazing barn owned by W.A. Dieken, near here, and ran two miles to a barn owned by Wilhelm Vollmer and there started a second fire. Eight horses burned to death in the Dieken barn. The Vollmer barn was partially consumed before the flames could be extinguished.

The Alliance Herald 1 Sep 1910

The Mead (Colo.) Messenger reports that a “wild man” is prowling the river bottom between Mead and Platteville. A tourist who was changing a tire near Gowanda was accosted by the “wild man” who did not show himself but shouted threats from the weeds. The startled autoist hurled a heavy monkey-wrench into the weeds and made a hasty departure. The next day a search was made for the wrench. It was not found, but human tracks and blood stains were found in the weeds. Men and women living on the farms in the district have caught glimpses of the furtive stranger who is believed to have taken up his abode in the river bottoms.

Western Nebraska Observer 28 Jul 1927


Kenneth Knaus, 21 years old, of Lyman, bled to death late Sunday afternoon, as a result of injuries received in a car accident, a mile south and a mile and one-half east of Lyman.

While speeding along the highway, the car in which he was riding, driven by George Derr, also of Lyman, became unmanageable and turned over, several times, it was thought. Knaus was riding with his right arm thrown out over the glass in the door, which was raised several inches. When the car went out of control, the auxiliary artery and veins, beneath his right arm were severed to a depth of about three inches, and Knaus died shortly after a physician reached him.

He was born October 29, 1907, and was 21 years, seven months, and 14 days old. He had been living in the vicinity of Lyman for the past three years, coming there from Columbia, S.D., where his parents now reside. At the time of the fatal accident he was working with the Bob McClanahan road gang which is constructing highways in that vicinity.

Knaus died in a shack to which he was carried after the accident, which occurred between 5:30 and 6:00 Sunday evening. Derr’s car, a Chrysler closed model, was completely wrecked, although still able to run on its own power. From its chassis up, it was almost dismantled, it was stated. Knaus’ remains were brought to the Knight funeral home in this city.

No arrangments for burial have been made as yet, pending communication with his parents.

Western Nebraska Observer 20 Jun 1929

Alfred Dixon, 15 years old, is under arrest at Casper charged with having shot and wounded his 11 year old sister, Ruby, with malicious intent. The affair happened at the family home between Casper and Salt Creek on Feb. 6. According to reports made by the authorities, the boy became incensed at the girl during a petty quarrel, and seizing a rifle, threatened her life. The child grappled with him and on his promise not to shoot the scuffle ended. While the girl was walking away, it is alleged, the boy aimed the gun at his sister and fired.

The Torrington Telegram 23 Feb 1922

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