WEEK 5 2021


Sidney, Neb.— Harold Hanson, 16 years old, high school student, was found dead in his home here Sunday, a victim of a shotgun charge.

Authorities are basing their investigation of the death on the assumption that the youth ended his own life and have quizzed a number of his friends in an attempt to discover a motive. Companions of Saturday night reported that he returned to his home at a late hour in the best of spirits.

No clue has been found as yet to explain why the youth would kill himself.

O’Neill Frontier 27 Feb 1930

John Strausheim was painfully injured Wednesday when the heavy beet wagon box was tipped to let the dirt out at the beet dump. It struck Mr. Strausheim on the head, cutting a deep gash and rendering him unconscious for a few minutes.

Western Nebraska Observer 30 Oct 1926

The statement that farm women are driven to hospitals for the insane by country life gains no support from facts announced by J.O. Rankin, of the Nebraska College of Agriculture at Lincoln. From every 100,000 of their population, the rural communities send 41.4 persons to asylums, while the cities send 86, or more than twice as many.

The Bushnell Record 11 Dec 1919

A Mr. Lewis, living six miles south-east of here, brought his little girl–age 4 yrs.– in to have Dr. Malarkey treat it for a fractured arm, between the wrist and elbow. One month ago while on the road here, the arm was first broken but due to improper treatment it was badly deformed. Instead of the arm being entirely broken the second time, it was only cracked, but the doctor refractured and straightened it and at present the prospect is favorable to have a good and useful arm.

Kimball Observer 24 Sep 1886

The pool hall at Lyman has been padlocked. The proprietor has been found guilty of selling liquor three times.

Western Nebraska Observer 28 Jul 1927


Reports reached police officers in Alliance this morning of a murder at Scottsbluff last night. According to the stories, a Mexican and two other men escaped in an automobile, and were headed toward this city. One of the fugitives was found in the car, it was said, and had been abandoned on the road six miles out of Scottsbluff. A telephone call to a Scottsbluff newspaper brought the information that they had heard the reports, but had not verified them.

The Alliance Herald 31 Dec 1920

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