WEEK 7 2021

One of C.A. Schooley’s mules was filled with small shot last night, but is not much affected by it. It is a mystery who would be guilty of such a contemptible outrage as to shoot stock.

Kimball Observer 30 Jul 1886

Liquor imports during the past year increased by nearly $1,500,000 as compared with 1920, while shipments of soft drinks into the country fell off by more than $200,000 during the same period, according to foreign trade reports made public by the Commerce Department. During 1921 the total of spirits, wines, and malt liquors imported aggregated $4,711,000 compared with $3,269,000 in 1920, while mineral waters and other beverages entering the country amounted to $347,000 as against $569,000 in 1920.

The Torrington Telegram 23 Feb 1922


Brother Fatally Wounds Sister and Slightly Injures Her Escort

Alliance, Neb., Nov. 9— As the result of a shooting near here, Lizzie Braner is in the hospital fatally wounded, and her brother, Charles Braner, who did the shooting, and her sweetheart, Frank Augustine, are in the county jail.

Braner objected to the attentions of Augustine to his sister, and then the young couple went riding last night the brother followed them. Miss Braner was wearing the fur coat of her escort, and mistaking her for the man, Braner shot her at short range. Discovering his mistake, he fired at Augustine, but injured him only slightly.

After Miss Braner was taken to the hospital, sixty-four shot were picked out of her back, and her condition is critical. The affair has caused a profound sensation, and young Braner is heart broken. Augustine will probably be released in a day or two.

Alliance Herald 12 Nov 1908

Find Bodies of Blizzard Victims

Bayard— Less than a mile from shelter, J.E. Shea, Alliance threshing machine salesman, and his sweetheart, Miss Gladys Dunbar, of Mitchell, were overcome by a blizzard on Dec 13 last and lay down to die together. Their bodies, for which a search had been going on for more than a month, were found by George C. Fox, a farmer living fifteen miles north of Bayard. The couple had fought their way for more than two miles through the worst blizzard in memory of the oldest inhabitant, only to succumb with shelter in sight.

Western Nebraska Observer 18 Feb 1926

Monstrous spiders, of a dark green hue, have appeared in Nemaha County. They are so large that they prey on chickens, killing the fowls in most cases. In many ways they resemble the tarantula.

Bushnell Record 8 Jun 1922

Greeley, Colo., June 21— After running amuck with an axe and seriously injuring his three children here early Friday, Jacob Schmear, 70, committed suicide by hanging.

Shortly after midnight, according to officers who reconstructed the affair, Schmear seized an axe and attempted to murder his three sleeping children, Sarah, 16; August, 21; and Frieda, 12.

His blows, however, glanced off the children’s heads, and while all are in a serious condition, they are reported to have a chance at recovery.

Neighbors Friday morning discovered August lying partly out of the house with his head split. He apparently had tried to crawl after help when he collapsed.

Sarah is the most seriously injured, suffering a possible fracture of the skull, a shattered jaw, and severe cuts on the head.

Schmear, the father of thirteen children, was believed to have become suddenly insane as he was not known to have been worried or despondent.

After attempting to murder the children, Schmear wrote two letters saying he was going to kill himself. He then went to the barn, and placing a rope around his neck, jumped off a box and strangled.

Western Nebraska Observer 27 June 1929

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