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Laura, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Bartow, was fatally burned at the family home, south of Bushnell, last Wednesday afternoon when she mistook gasoline for kerosene to prepare a fire in the kitchen range. The can containing the gasoline exploded and ignited her clothing. She ran from the house, a mass of flames, and leaped in the water tank to extinguish the fire. Her brother and a hired man, who were working in the field nearby, saw the fire and ran to her rescue. Physicians were summoned, but her face and body were severely burned and scorched and death came Thursday afternoon about 4 o’clock.

Funeral services were held from the Methodist church in Kimball Sunday afternoon, with Reverend Arnold of Bushnell in charge. Burial was in the Kimball cemetery.

Laura May Bartow, daughter of George and Nancy Bartow, was born March 22, 1907, in Omaha, Nebraska. From Omaha, she moved with her parents to Homer, Nebraska, residing there for four years and then going again for another term of four years to Belden, Nebraska, at the close of which she came with her family to the farm near Bushnell, Nebraska.

In her brief stay on earth she found great pleasure in many things she was able to do. Aside from the general work around the house she took great delight in doing fancy work and playing the piano.

She was her mother’s constant companion which afforded each a great amount of company and enjoyment.

She leaves to mourn her death her parents, and one brother, Alva, besides other relatives and a host of friends.

Western Nebraska Observer 26 Jun 1930

A large rattler was seen climbing the steps of the drug store in Henry the other day. It begged to be killed as there was no room for a self-respecting rattlesnake anymore. The request was complied with.

The Torrington Telegram 31 Aug 1911


Emery Matthews Kills David Fisher by Blow Over Heart

Lexington, Nebr., Nov. 9— Emery Matthews, living fifteen miles north of the city, is in jail here, charged with the murder Saturday night of David Fisher at a dance. The two young men, who were neighbors, have not been on good terms for some time and when they met at the dance hot words resulted in a fist fight. Matthews struck Fisher twice, once on the jaw and once over the heart. From the effects of the latter blow Fisher fell to the floor and died in less than a minute. Matthews fled, but was arrested several hours later and brought to this city and placed in jail. The coroner held an inquest and the jury returned a verdict to the effect that Fisher came to his death as the result of a blow delivered by Matthews. The county attorney today placed a murder charge against the prisoner.

The Alliance Herald 12 Nov 1908

J.W. Grisinger of Bellwood was instantly killed by having his head crushed between the floor of an elevator and the ceiling of the second floor of the Brandeis building, Omaha.

Bushnell Record 24 Jul 1919

Mrs. Farthing, mother of Mrs. Frank Yoder, suffered a bad accident this week when she fell down the cellar steps at the Yoder home in this city. She mistook the cellar way door for the bath room door and fell down the steps before she discovered her mistake. No bones were broken, it is believed, but she was very badly bruised up.

Goshen County Journal 3 Dec 1914

River Backs Up; 300 Flee Homes

Bozeman, Mont.— Three hundred people, comprising the entire population of the town of Trident, were driven from their homes when the waters of the Missouri river were backed up by a huge ice gorge just below the town.

Fort Laramie Signal and Jay Em News 23 Jan 1918

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