WEEK 9 2021


The promise of a real little city in Lyman is beginning to materialize, according to stories of buildings that are starting and about to start there.

The town is to have two drugstores, it is related. The one will be owned by Smith of Mitchell, who has a drug store in that town. The other will be owned by a drug firm in some other Nebraska city.

Harry Johnson, of Scottsbluff, is preparing to build, and to open at an early date, a theatre in Lyman, where first class pictures will be shown, and Mr. M.B. Higgins, who owns and operates one of Scottsbluff’s busiest pool halls, is engaged in the new sugar town.

Other buildings are underway there, the owners of which are not so well known in this locality.

Western Nebraska Observer 28 Oct 1926


A Mexican beet worker, named Peter Tavares, is in the county jail charged with attempting to murder H. Lackey, the field superintendent in this section for the Great Western Sugar Co. The trouble occurred Tuesday on the Helm farm two miles west of town. The Mexican was not satisfied with Lackey’s measurement of the beet acreage which he had been tending and fired a shot at Lackey from his revolver, missing him however. Another Mexican interfered, stopping the trouble. Tavares was first arrested on the charge of carrying concealed weapons, but today the charge of attempting to commit murder was filed against him. He asked to have his preliminary postponed until Saturday. He has sent to Denver for an attorney, who is expected tomorrow night.

The Torrington Telegram 19 Aug 1920


Lormer Elliott, 18, Alliance, was bound over to the district court Monday on a manslaughter charge in connection with the fatal injury of Thomas Twist, eight-year old Indian boy, who was struck by an automobile alleged to have been driven by Elliott. He pleaded not guilty and waived preliminary hearing. Young Twist, who was run over about ten days ago, died last Friday night.

Western Nebraska Observer 28 Oct 1926


Deputy Sheriff George Carroll arrested Victor Paterson at Hereford, Colo., Sunday, and brought him to Cheyenne where he was taken in charge of Sheriff Luce of Osceola, IA. He is wanted in Clark county, of which Osceola is the county seat, for wife desertion. He was arrested after a speedy trip to Hereford, on a telegraphic description furnished to the sheriff’s office at Cheyenne. Luce came to Cheyenne and departed Tuesday with the prisoner.

The Carpenter Record 9 Aug 1917

Chicken thieves have raided almost every hen house in the Blair vicinity, and no clues as to their identity have been found. Hundreds of chickens have been taken.

Bushnell Record 8 Jun 1922


Frontier Sport at Grand Island Has Exciting Incident

Grand Island, Neb., Aug 27— During the Frontier Day entertainment there was an exciting feature not booked on the program when Jay Palmer, manager of the local Independent Telephone company, and himself something of a horseman, undertook to enter the “race for the bride.” One of the western equestriennes was given a lead of 150 yards on a swift pony. The race was to the cowboy who would first overtake her and lift her from her horse upon his saddle. Palmer, by cutting across a part of the field, overtook the woman rider before the other entrymen reached her. When he undertook to lift her from the saddle, both Palmer and the horsewoman, Miss Bennet, fell from their rapidly galloping horses and the big audience was horrified at the sight. Fortunately, however, Miss Bennet was not at all injured, and Mr. Palmer not seriously. Large crowds attended the frontier events which close today.

Alliance Herald 1 Sep 1910

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