WEEK 10 2021

An accident in which an auto said to be running without lights was the principal figure, occurred last night just preceding the rain. The car was running in the dust storm, which preceded the storm, when it bumped into the dairy delivery of the Segard Dairy.

The car turned turtle and the top and the windshield were broken. Other than this, no serious results are reported. The occupants were fortunate enough to escape without serious injury.

Kearney Morning Times 28 Jun 1917

J.W. Haggard, employed by the Burlington railroad as a brakeman, was killed at Belmont. In uncoupling a helper engine, he in some way fell under the pilot. He was immediately rushed to Alliance, but died before he got there.

Alliance Herald 1 Sep 1910

A cowboy in Uinta county has discovered by actual experience that there is a great difference between roping a cow and a bear. He roped the bear, all right, but the bear killed his pony and badly injured him, and then escaped to the mountains, dragging the lariat.

Cheyenne Weekly Sun 10 Sep 1891


A shocking tragedy occurred early Sunday morning at the Bettendorf home, near Mitchell, when Hattie Richter, fourteen-year old daughter of the family was burned to death as the result of a kerosene or gasoline explosion. Death was not immediate, but took place Monday morning, after the little girl had been brought to the Methodist hospital in Scottsbluff for treatment.

The fatal explosion took place Sunday morning about seven o’clock while Hattie was attempting to make a fire in the range. She picked up the kerosene can to pour some over the fire, and the resultant explosion suggested to the family that the can, which had been recently filled, had been filled with gasoline instead of kerosene, by mistake.

Western Nebraska Observer 30 Oct 1926

Paul, 10, and Harry, 12, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rager, near Alliance, were killed when a sand bank caved in and smothered them. The boys had dug a hole in the sand bank and crawled into it.

Bushnell Record 8 Jun 1922

A brutal murder attended a poker game Sunday night between three Mexicans employed in the Burlington service at McCook. Jose Sanchez, roundhouse employee, is dead, and his alleged murderer, Pete Lopez, a section hand is in the county jail. Sanchez died within two hours of being shot through the stomach, but charged Lopez with the crime before his death. Lopez bears an unenviable record for cruelty and it is stated that he has the murder of a white man to his account, besides his roasting of two old folks, man and woman, here about a year since, over a hot stove in an effort to extort money from them.

The Torrington Telegram 30 Dec 1920

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