WEEK 11 2021

Returning from a meeting of the Farm Bureau at Hudson Valley school house near Wheatland the first of last week, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Foster and Miss Gertrude Potter had a very uncomfortable experience. Their horse became frightened by a calf which jumped up beside the road. The horse sprang sideways, when it was again frightened by another calf which jumped up on the other side. The horse then started on a run down the road. Mr. and Mrs. Foster were thrown out at the first jump, the lines going with them and Miss Potter jumped out. She was uninjured but the Fosters were unconscious for a time. No one was seriously hurt.

The Torrington Telegram 23 Feb 1922

Marcella Sharp, daughter of Tom Sharp of Nebraska City, was seriously injured when a torpedo which she had placed in her mouth exploded, breaking her right jaw and loosening all of her teeth.

Bushnell Record 13 Jul 1922

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. George Weikum underwent an operation for skin grafting Wednesday morning. He caught his arm in the ringer of a washing machine several weeks ago, and lost much skin from the arm and chest.

Western Nebraska Observer 26 Jun 1930

Mrs. Elijah Gobble received a very painful wound last week, caused by dropping a heavy piece of wood on her toe.

The Lingle Herald 21 Apr 1911

Omaha, Aug 29.— Miss Lillie Crummer, for fifteen years an instructor in the women’s college at Shanghai, China, died at the local Presbyterian hospital of an illness contracted in the Orient.

Alliance Herald 1 Sep 1910


Howard Kent Hammond, ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hammond of the Minatare section, was instantly killed Monday morning, as was the pony on which the boy was riding, when they were struck by an auto driven by H. F. Maika (sic) of Chadron.

A coroner’s jury impaneled by County Attorney Hess, of Scottsbluff, immediately rendered a verdict of death from an unavoidable accident, only one juror of the six stating that the driver of the car should be held for trial.

The accident occurred about 8:30 in the morning as Mr. and Mrs. Mitka and daughter were driving up the hill on the highway east from Minatare. As they reached the top, driving at a rapid rate in a heavy Nash car, the boy appeared on his pony directly in front of the car.

The pony was struck squarely in the side and was carried or thrown some fifty or sixty feet from the impact. The girths of the saddle were broken and the boy and saddle hurled backwards over the car, the boy landing on his head and shoulders, breaking his neck. Death was evidently instantaneous.

Mr. Mitka stopped his car as quickly as possible and went back to the boy. The accident occurred almost in front of the boy’s home, his mother looking out of the door as the boy was hurtling through the air. She reached the side of her boy almost as quickly as Mr. Mitka, but life was extinct at that time.

Western Nebraska Observer 5 Aug 1926

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