Effect of Battle on Damsel’s Affections Not Known, But Suitors Are in Bad

Antonis Martinez and Samuel Remmiez were each held over to district court, with bond set at $500 by Judge Tash, Wednesday. The charge against each was of assault with intent to do great bodily injury. Neither has as yet provided bond. Their cases will come up in district September 11.

Antonis and Samuel battled for the love of a lady, whom we shall for convenience call Maria, chiefly because that happens to be her name. Antonis and Sam were the best of friends until about two months ago, when both were smitten with love for Maria. Antonis, unaware that his friend was also a suitor, showed Sam some letters which he had received from Maria, with the result that the ire of Sam was aroused, and he asked Tony what he meant by horning in on the affair. This naturally aroused hard feelings and the affair ran along until last Friday, when Tony invited Sam outside to talk the matter over.

The two lovers then proceeded outside, and from there on the stories differ. Sam, who carries a bad cut under the right eye, maintains that he received it at the opening of the hostilities, while Tony exhibited some welts on top of his head, which he claims he received from a bar in the hands of Sam, this being the first he knew that the war was on. The battle was undoubtedly on, though, and Tony carved Sam in quite a workmanlike fashion. In the act of said carving, Tony received a few more clouts from Sam’s iron rod. The rod was bent in the middle, it being perfectly straight before Tony had destroyed its perfection with his head.


Tony has worked at the roundhouse for two years, and all of the men who are acquainted with him are willing to vouch for his character, as in all his residence here he has never been in trouble with the officers. Special Agent Martin of the Burlington says that Tony has always been a good worker and peaceable, while Sam has been in trouble several times, and is by no means a stranger, either to the Burlington or city police. So far as the fight is concerned, though, Mr. Martin says that each seems equally to blame.

Whether the battle has had any effect on the senorita’s affections is not known, but from the best available reports she had repeatedly spurned both of the lovers, which makes the battle for her hand somewhat premature and presuming. Both of the Mexicans are young and with a certain amount of pulchritude, although neither would get far in the movies in competition with Wallace Reid or Rudolph Valentino.

The hearing was enlivened with a few little incidents, one of which was that Sam objected to the interpreter. When asked his reason, he said that the interpreter had stolen a ham from him, and that for this reason the two were not on the best of terms. He was afraid that he might be double-crossed. As he can speak good English is he so desires, his objection was not taken seriously.

The Alliance Herald 2 Jun 1922

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