WEEK 12 2021

J.E. Thackery had the end of his forefinger taken off last Sunday by a horse jerking loose that he was leading with a chain wrapped around his finger. No bones broken but a scar will be left.

Valentine Democrat 30 Aug 1900

Cheyenne. — Because the federal white slavery law is violated only when you “transport” a woman from one state to another, William Harris and pretty Carrie Burris of Idaho Springs, Colo., walked out of Colorado and into Wyoming. The young man, therefore, is not to be made the subject of a federal prosecution. He was sentenced to thirty days in jail for petty larceny. The girl is to be sent back to her home at Idaho Springs. Harris and Miss Burris were arrested near Chugwater, Wyo., to which place they walked from Denver, a weary journey of more than 200 miles, for breaking into a homestead shack owned by Frank Smith and stealing several minor pieces of property.

Goshen County Journal 19 Mar 1914

Bassett, Neb.,–Mrs. Thomas McCoy, a widow, was shot accidentally and instantly killed near here by her 10 year old son. They were in the field, the mother picking greens, the boy shooting at birds with a revolver. As the mother rose to her feet the boy fired, the ball striking her in the head. Five young children are left alone.

Sidney Telegraph 22 Jun 1907

Plum Creek has a man whose foot is so large that the village shoe-maker cannot fit him, having no last large enough to set the leather to. The Press says–rather facetiously it is to be presumed–that the shoemaker has sent an order to California, for a last to be made from the largest tree in the Yosemite valley.

Plaindealer Telegraph 28 Jan 1882

The blacksmith at Lacy was broken into Saturday night and three Ford casings, four inner tubes, and a can of differential grease taken. Authorities from here went to Lacy Sunday but were unable to trace of the thief.

Goshen County Journal 7 Apr 1921

The shooting of Martin Collins at Camp Clarke was a very sad affair, but the chances are the men who were the cause if it will both be acquitted, as they have employed eminent counsel who will create a doubt in the minds of the jury.

Kimball Observer 18 Dec 1885

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