WEEK 14 2021

The whole of Cheyenne, Duel, and Garden counties was shocked beyond expression as the result of a terrible accident near Lodge Pole, when a fast U.P. train crashed into a Ford automobile containing Frank Zeigler, his wife, and two sons. Mr. Zeigler and the two boys were killed, while Mrs. Zeigler escaped by jumping from the car. The party were on their way to their former home in Pennsylvania, having disposed of their homestead and property in Montana.

Western Nebraska Observer 5 Aug 1920

Jack Mercer, of Gabe Rock, while driving cattle to the shipping yards last Saturday had the misfortune to have his horse fall on the cement sidewalk. Jack was pretty badly bruised up but no bones were broken. Dr. Miller rendered medical assistance.

Bushnell Record 28 Aug 1919

Last Wednesday morning Mrs. Peter Rollman had the misfortune to have her left lower jaw dislocated. Dr. Markey was called in and promptly reduced the dislocation.

Kimball Observer 30 Jul 1886

Ed Johnson, well known rancher of Cottonwood, went to Big Piney Tuesday for surgical aid. While cutting kindling wood the day before, he cut his thumb off at the first joint slick and clean. After the accident he fed his horses, then mounted a horse and rode several miles to a ranch, where he received first aid, and the next day rode 20 miles through the snow to town.

The Torrington Telegram 23 Feb 1922


Locates Body of Man She Says He Murdered Four Weeks Ago

Ogalalla, Neb., Nov 6— Mrs. Jennie Smith located the body of Vally Mann, four miles south of Ogalalla. Mann was murdered four weeks ago nine miles east of here.

Smith and his wife were traveling by wagon and Mann asked them for food. Smith, according to his wife, shot Mann behind the ear, rifled his clothes and took $8. Mann’s body was placed in a wagon and taken to the place where it was found. Smith deserted his wife in Denver, taking $900 of her money, and she then notified the police.

W.R. Cayler, a Denver reporter, brought Mrs. Smith here. They took the sheriff of this county with them in an automobile and found the body of Mann where she had told them it would be found. John H. Smith, the alleged murderer, is missing, but will probably be caught.

The Alliance Herald 12 Nov 1908

A cat got chased into the narrow space between the Bank and the Herald buildings the first of the week and for two nights and two days made life a burden and the time hideous with her caterwaulings. Neither by force nor strategy, by enticements of choice meat nor “kitty-kitty” coaxings, could she be dislodged and she might still be there had not a bright mind bethought itself of the persuasiveness of a hose and cold water. That had the desired effect and as soon as the stream began to pour down on her she evacuated and went up the street like a blue streak, so you see you were mistaken when you supposed it was lightning you saw!

The Jireh Record 18 Oct 1913

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