WEEK 22 2021

New Police Rules for Automobiles

A new order was issued by Chief of Police Embery yesterday to the members of the force for the arrest of any bicycle rider who shall hereafter be found “catching on” behind automobiles or street cars. Complaints have been made to headquarters that messenger boys and others have been indulging in the practices to their own danger and to the danger of pedestrians.

Another regulation for the guidance of automobile drivers was also issued yesterday, directing them not to pass any street car that is standing at the switch at Carey avenue and Nineteenth street. Several narrow escapes have been recorded in the past at this corner. Patrons of the street cars alighting at this corner have been in frequent danger from passing automobiles.

Cheyenne State Leader (Cheyenne, WY) 4 Jun 1916

The name of the unfortunate man who was found dead last week on Big Muddy was McKee; he was employed by the Walker Sheep company and had camped out for the night. It is the opinion of the coroner that he had been seized with cramps and died in agony as the ground showed traces of a struggle. Two large rattlesnakes were found near the body in the morning by the cowboy who discovered the remains and he promptly killed the reptiles. Two marks on one hand and three on the other showed that he had been bitten by the snakes, but whether before or after death the coroner was not prepared to say.

The Jireh Record (Jireh, WY) 27 Sep 1913


A young man named Stahr was shot by a man named Colton, near Pactola a few days ago. It seems Stahr was maintaining an illicit intimacy with Colton’s wife. They were out taking a “grass lunch” when the wronged husband discovered them and ordering his wife to the house, bade her paramour cease all connection with the family. Believing he was the aggrieved party, the young man sought an entrance to Colton’s house soon after the above meeting, and preceded to belabor the latter with a club. While he was doing this, Colton shot him. It is believed that Stahr will die.

Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) 3 Jul 1880

Joseph Mullen of Pender took a shot at a rabbit but instead put thirty-nine of the leaden pellets in the legs of his brother Mike.

The Sioux County Journal (Harrison, NE) 27 Jan 1898


The first Wyoming boy to lose his life in France was Clifford D. Brown of Pinedale, who died Friday, January 11th, from measles, says the Rock Springs Miner. His nearest relative was an aunt, Mrs. Joseph Gourney, of near Pinedale, and he was among the Pinedale boys who went from Rock Springs last summer with Company M. At the time of going to press we were unable to learn any particulars.

The Laramie Republican (Laramie, WY) 22 Jan 1918

Gretna, Nebr., Sept. 4—Louis Figg, the somewhat famous founder of the Figgite sect and who was tarred and feathered last February, has received what is regarded as further evidence of disapprobation. An incendiary set fire to his grain stacks, wheat and oats, all were consumed. There were about six stacks. Those who have observed the surroundings say that there is no doubt that fire was set, since fresh footprints were found leading to the stacks.


Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) 6 Sep 1900

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