WEEK 27 2021

The charred body of an unidentified man was found by the side of a burned haystack near North Platte. The man wore a particular ring which may lead to his identification. It is supposed that he went hunting and perhaps ignited the stack by a cigarette.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) 10 Nov 1921

During a severe storm at Anselmo, lightning struck the kitchen chimney of J. C. Hunter’s residence, passing into the room below, where it struck Mrs. Hunter, throwing her to the floor, and rendering her unconscious. Vilma, Mrs. Hunter’s fourteen-months-old child, was seated near her mother, and the same flash struck her on the back of the head and killed her instantly.

Sioux County Journal (Harrison, NE) 4 Jul 1889

D. Young Blair is confined to a dark room on account of a painful accident. A nail hit him in the left eye while he was working on Mr. Gamble’s house.

Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) 21 Jan 1909


Butte has a dentist who extracts teeth for the sole pleasure of causing pain.

Perkins County Herald-Sentinel (Grant, NE) 7 Jan 1897


The schoolhouse near the Chas. Wilson ranch in district No. 5 was burned to the ground last Thursday night. A tramp had entered the building and built a fire and gone to sleep. Later he was awakened by the blazing building and escaped the building but was unable to put out the fire. It is probable that the fire was purely accidental, caused by coals falling from the stove, which was old and unsafe. The tramp was arrested and is now in jail.

The Wheatland Times (Wheatland, WY) 3 May 1916


The attention of boys and all other persons who bathe in Lake Minnehaha is directed to the city ordinance which requires that bathing suits shall be used in all instances. Yesterday the city engineer caused the cabin used for protection of those preparing to bathe to be repaired and the same must hereafter be used.

The Wyoming Tribune (Cheyenne, WY) 4 Jul 1900

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