WEEK 28 2021

College professors calculate that if the birth-rate decrease continues for 150 years there will be no births at all by 2060 A. D. In that case few will survive to the time when men will live 120 years, and those who do will be lonesome.

The Guernsey Gazette (Guernsey, WY) 24 Dec 1909

The twelve-year old son of H. G. Furman of Marsland was was brought to Alliance Sunday for attention to wounds caused by a horse he was riding running into a barbed wire fence with him.

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) 15 Aug 1902

As the 4-year old daughter of Fritz Vieth, a farmer living about five miles from Grand Island, was bringing her father some coffee, she stopped on the way and began to stir up the smouldering remains of a straw pile. Suddenly her clothing caught fire. The father was some distance away, but on seeing the predicament of the child he rushed to her and removed the burning clothing as rapidly as possible, severely burning his own hands. The little one was hurriedly taken to the house and a physician summoned. However, the unfortunate was beyond human aid and expired at a late hour in the afternoon. She was one of twin children and the family is prostrated with grief.

The Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) 29 May 1897


Ranchman Attacked By Wolf

Cheyenne—Frank Henry, foreman of the Summit ranch, located near Pole Mountain, battled with a grey wolf, which attacked him several times before he killed the animal.

The Laramie County Times (Wheatland, Wyoming) 29 Nov 1912

Cyrus Williams was instantly killed and Thomas Johnson dangerously injured at Chappell by a stroke of lightning Saturday afternoon. It is thought Johnson will recover.

Kimball Observer (Kimball, NE) 30 Jul 1886



Aged Man and Woman in Charge of Place, Scantily Clad, Almost Dead From Exposure

Sundance, Wyo.,—To return from the funeral of a relative and find the charred remnants of their home scattered over a ten-acre lot, while the aged man and woman who had been left in charge of the place crouched in an outbuilding, scantily clad and almost dead from exposure, was the experience of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kelly when they reached their ranch after assisting in the obsequies for Mrs. Kelly’s sister, Mrs. Hulatt.

During their absence the man and woman whom they left at the ranch had been awakened at midnight by smoke and had found the house aflame. They worked heroically to keep the fire from a room in which there was a box of giant powder, but were unsuccessful and the powder exploded, blowing the residence to pieces.

The aged couple fled in the nick of time and escaped injury, but with only a few garments over their night clothing almost perished from cold before the return of the Kellys.

The Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) 24 Jan 1918

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