WEEK 29 2021

Meeker (Colo.) Herald: The round-up in the western part of La Plata county began last week. If this round-up is finished without an Indian fight and the murder of a white man, it is claimed, it will be the first one ever held without such events.

North Western Livestock Journal (Cheyenne, WY) 14 Jun 1887

The large barn on Frank Strahn’s ranch, four miles west of Wayne, was destroyed by fire, the origin of which is unknown. Mr. Strahn’s famous trotting stallion, Union Medium, together with a 3-year-old stallion of the trotter, which he valued as much as Union Medium, and two other horses were burned, besides considerable grain, harness, etc.

People’s Poniard (Sidney, NE) 2 Jul 1898

G. H. Sawyer met with a painful and serious accident this morning, falling from the mow in his barn and breaking his right wrist, besides bruising him up considerably. Mr. Sawyer is reported by Dr. Platz as in as good a condition as could be expected, and we trust that he will not be incapacitated from his daily duties an unduly long time.

Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) 14 May 1908


W. H. Inman, a plumber, was arrested at Laramie a few days since, charged with mayhem, H. H. Graham asserting that Inman struck him in the face, breaking his spectacles and driving a piece of glass into the ball of an eye, causing loss of sight and removal of the eyeball. Inman gave bond. For mayhem the maximum penalty is 14 years in the penitentiary.

The Guernsey Gazette (Guernsey, WY) 24 Dec 1909

William Stover, son of George Stover, and old settler of Pine Ridge agency, died from the effects of a blow dealt him by Proprietor Green of the Green Hotel. Stover was drunk and abusive, and while ejecting him, Green struck him with a single tree. Stover did not seem to be seriously injured at the time, and went home to bed. Next morning he was found in a serious condition, and medical aid was summoned, but he died before noon.

The Harrison Press Journal (Harrison, NE) 9 Oct 1902


Body of Mrs. William Shera Found Riddled With Bullets.

Murray, Neb., Aug. 29— Mystery surrounds the murder of Mrs. William Shera, an aged woman, whose body was found with three bullet holes in the head in a little store she conducted at Rock Bluff. It is assumed that a robber perpetrated the murder, but no definite clues have been discovered.

Mrs. Shera, after a night passed at the home of her son, Will Shera, as was her custom, was last seen walking toward her store, which was situated five blocks from any other house. She had made arrangements to depart soon for Omaha to visit with a daughter, and when the daughter, Mrs. Ada Keenan, failed to see her and telephoned an inquiry to Rock Bluff, a search was made, which brought about the discovery of the body.

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) 1 Sep 1910

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