A Study In Anatomy


It Was Brought to the City Yesterday in Box Car Yesterday by Train Men.


Body Completely Separated at the Abdomen—One Leg Cut Off—Skull Crushed and Many Bruises Sustained.

A ghastly study in anatomy was brought to the city yesterday by the crew of the Cheyenne and Northern train arriving at 4:30. They had in the boxcar the frightfully mutilated remains of a man who was doubtlessly killed by the morning north bound train.

The car with the corpse was set near the freight house and Coroner Tuttle summoned. This official was accompanied to the scene by a reporter for The Sun and in a few minutes Undertaker Kuehner and assistants arrived with a stretcher. A big crowd gathered quickly.

When the door of the box car was thrown open a horrible sight was presented to those who cared to view the bit of carnage. The man was a tramp and had been stealing a ride either on the bumpers or on the brake rods between the wheels. How he happened to fall will never known but he tumbled to a quick and awful death. The body was halved, entirely separated, and the entrails littered the floor. The left leg was cut off clean, below the knee. His skull was crushed at the back of the head and blood and brains had flowed slowly from a hole there. Blood had been forced by concussion from the nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. There were bad bruises and contusions all over the body. It was a horrible corpse in sections and even the undertaker was gingerly in his work, while many walked away sickened at the sight. The remains were taken to the dead house of the Warren Mercantile company and will be buried to-day at county expense.

The body was found near Horse Creek station by the Conductor Nash crew coming south. They had a great job loading it. A butcher knife was picked up several feet from the heap of flesh and bones.

It is clear the poor devil was on the tramp and was in hard lines for he wore no shirt and his clothing was the meanest.

Not a thing was discovered that might tell the man’s name or anything about him. There was a small piece of tobacco in one pocket and not another article about him.

The tramp was about 19, only a boy, and a cripple besides. His left leg was several inches shorter than the other and was pieced out with iron. This metal foot was oval shaped instead of oblong, as is usually the style. This peculiarity may serve as a means of learning something of the lad. He was around here a couple of days and is remembered by depot attaches and others. He sought work.

An inquest was held last evening by Coroner Tuttle. The jurors were John T. Chaffin, Ezra Tuttle, and F. M. Pierce. Four witnesses testified, the facts given above being brought out. The verdict was that an unknown man came to his death by being run over by the north bound Cheyenne and Northern train yesterday.

Cheyenne Weekly Sun (Cheyenne, WY) 30 Jul 1891

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