WEEK 31 2021

Last Thursday morning Joseph Graham, a well known ranchman of the Fort Laramie country, was instantly killed by a freight train crashing into his auto. Mr. Graham had a private road from his home to the public highway, which road crossed the track. He had left the auto standing on the track while he closed the gate and had just gotten into the car when the train struck it and threw him high in the air. His neck and one leg were broken and death was instantaneous.

It is supposed as that his engines were running he did not hear the approaching train and it could not be seen until it was close to the crossing, owing to a sharp turn.

Mr. Graham was an early pioneer of this state, having settled in these parts about thirty years ago. He was esteemed by all who knew him, and leaves a wife and family, and other relatives, and a large number of friends to mourn his sudden and untimely death.

The Wheatland Times (Wheatland, WY) 3 May 1916

Curt and Herb Martin of Curtis attended the Joe Hruza sale on Wednesday of last week and bought the most of the horses which were offered for sale. We understand these horses will be shipped to Kansas City where they will be butchered for meat.

The Madrid Herald (Madrid, NE) 20 Nov 1930

As Fred Runger, a farmer living eight miles south of Syracuse, was returning home from Cook he put a partially lighted cigar in his overcoat pocket. He soon discovered that his coat was on fire. He put it out, or supposed that he had. Not long after his coat burst into flames and burned his body so seriously that he died from the effects.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) 2 Feb 1899

We see by the Lincoln “Journal” that Doc Middleton will have several terms to serve in the penitentiary before the wrath of the people whom he has wronged will be appeased. A jury in Antelope county recently brought in a bill against him.

Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) 3 Jul 1880

W. A. Moore of Denver, a switchman of 58, was taken to Cheyenne in a pitiable condition as a result of spending three days and nights in the open near Uva, 120 miles north of Cheyenne. For seventy-two hours Moore, who is supposed to have dropped off a train while in search of work, walked up and down the Colorado & Southern track near Uva, apparently harboring the delusion that he was on duty as a switchman. He finally was taken care of by A. S. Roach.

The Laramie County Times (Wheatland, Wyoming) 29 Nov 1912

Four of the six members of the family of John King were burned to death in a fire that swept their home at McFadden. King, his wife, and their two sons, Neal, 8, and Donald, 6, perished. After once escaping the flames with a six-month-old baby, King dove into his blazing home to rescue other members of the family. He was burned before he could escape the second time.

The Chugwater News (Chugwater, WY) 3 Feb 1928

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