WEEK 32 2021

A Chadron dispatch says that the evidence against Goodshot, husband of the woman whose body was found so badly mutilated on the Pine Ridge reservation, was so strong that he has been arrested for the murder of his wife. He was taken to Deadwood to await trial. It is the first instance on record of a crime of this description where an Indian has killed his squaw, and promises to be an exciting time when he is tried.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) 2 Feb 1899

Charles Nichols, a farm hand, is now at the state penitentiary at Lincoln where he will be confined until a death sentence against him will be carried out March 1, 1922. Nichols was convicted of first degree murder after shooting Miss Emma Carow of Dalton.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) 10 Nov 1921

J. E. Campbell met with a serious accident by having his family milk cow knocked off the railroad track and crippling her.

Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) 4 Jun 1908

From the Rapid City Journal we learn that a body in an advanced stage of decomposition was found in a deep gulch near that place recently. It is impossible to say whether this was a case of murder or suicide. The body was identified as that of a miner named McCammon, aged about 50 years, who left the employ of the Meade Hydraulic company about the 10th of May last. We are inclined to doubt the theory of suicide, as no weapon of death has been found in the vicinity of the body.

Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) 3 Jul 1880

Daniel Thompson, brakeman employed on the Newcastle-Cambria line, was crushed to death between two cars at Cambria when he attempted to frighten a cow off the track.

The Laramie County Times (Wheatland, Wyoming) 29 Nov 1912

Woman at Edgar Badly Burned

Edgar, Neb., Oct. 2—Mrs. W. L. Cutter was seriously burned Tuesday while blacking a stove with some kind of liquid blacking. The fire in the stove had gone nearly out, but the stove was still hot enough to ignite the blacking which caught immediately to her clothing and before the flames could be extinguished she was badly burned on the right side of the face, right shoulder and arm and the right side, especially about the waist, where she is deeply burned.

The Harrison Press-Journal (Harrison, NE) 9 Oct 1902

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