WEEK 34 2021

Walter Yount suffered a painful accident Saturday, breaking his right leg just below the knee while cranking an automobile.

The Alliance News (Alliance, NE) 8 Feb 1917

Miss Katherine Pendew of Pawnee City was perhaps fatally burned when kerosene which she poured into a cookstove exploded. Her face, hands, and body were severely burned and doctors hold no hope for her recovery.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) 8 Dec 1921

A young fellow who was helping Mr. Cranmer with his steam plow got caught under the pulverizer, it rolling up near his chest, when two traveling men who happened to be standing by grabbed the roller and lifted it up; When they let it down it took off his hat. That was a close call for his head—he of course took a layoff, being somewhat bruised up.

The Madrid Era (Madrid, NE) 29 Aug 1912

Steam tractor pulling a plow in Buffalo County, Nebraska 1903

We understand that M. Aherns had a narrow escape last week, by a horse, which he was riding, stepping into a hole and falling on him. The horse’s neck was broken and Mr. Aherns was pretty badly shaken up, but is still able to be with his well drill. He has finished Mr. Younglung’s well and is now putting one down for S. P. Winters.

The Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) 15 Jun 1889


A case against an alleged narcotic peddler arrested by the federal authorities here collapsed Thursday, when analysis of the supposed cocaine purchased from the defendant by a federal “stool-pigeon” for $20 revealed that the stuff was merely talcum powder, and of a poor grade at that. The identity of the supposed violator of the Harrison Act has not been revealed.

The Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) 20 Jul 1922

As George McDonald was returning home from a dance at Jess French’s, six miles north of Ainsworth, astride a spirited mustang it ran into a barb wire fence, injuring it so it had to be shot and cutting one of McDonald’s legs just above the ankle, tearing away tendons, severing an artery, and making a ghastly and terrible wound.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) 2 Feb 1899

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