WEEK 39 2021

Ranchman Ropes Bear.

A dispatch from Grand Encampment yesterday gives the following details regarding an extraordinary feat there: Harry Hunter, general manager of the Big Creek Ranch at Pearl, Wyo., yesterday roped a big cinnamon bear near the ranch. After roping the bruin, Hunter “hog-tied” the animal and hauled him to the ranch.

Wyoming Semi-Weekly Tribune (Cheyenne, WY) Friday, August 2nd, 1904

M. R. Rinker, railroad employee at Uva, was saved from burning to death when, attracted by his screams, fellow workers found him wrapped in flames and rolled him in blankets, but not until his clothes had been burned and he had been burned severely from his waist down. Rinker was priming a gasoline engine with alcohol when it exploded and drenched him with the blazing fluid. He is being treated at the hospital in Wheatland.

The Burns Herald (Burns, WY) Thursday, October 7th, 1920

Kenneth, the five-year-old son of Chas. Jacobson, was kicked in the face by a colt last week. The wound was not serious, but very painful. Dr. Stewart of Grover was summoned, as it was necessary to take several stitches.

The Carpenter Record (Carpenter, WY) Thursday, August 9, 1917

One of the farmers on the Golden Prairie went into his cow stable the other night and by mistake mixed her up a nice mash in a box filled with sawdust instead of bran. The cow merely supposed that the hard times had come and they were all going to economize, and meekly ate her supper. The man never discovered his mistake until the next morning, when he milked the cow and she let down a half gallon of turpentine, a quart of shoe pegs, and a bundle of lath.

The Pine Bluffs Echo (Pine Bluffs, WY) Thursday, July 5th, 1888

Jealousy Held Cause of Triple Tragedy

Greeley, June 3.— Double murder and suicide as a result of jealousy was the verdict of the coroner’s jury in the inquest upon the bodies of Robert Stanley, his wife, Charlotte, and their six-year-old son, Fenton, found shot to death in their lonely cabin in the northeastern part of Weld County. The Stanleys owned property in Meadow Grove, Neb., and a 320 acre ranch under cultivation in this county.

The Jireh Record (Jireh, WY) Saturday, June 7th, 1913


It is reported that Professor E. L. Cameron, who has held the position of superintendent of the Lyman schools for the past few months, resigned his position last week and left that town in a hurry. It seems that Cameron had formed the habit of keeping girl scholars of the tenth grade in after school hours, ostensibly for the purpose of making up poor lessons. On complaint of some of the girls to their parents of Cameron trying to make dates with them during this time, one parent called on Cameron at an early hour last Thursday and surprised the “gentleman” with a few fistic blows before Cameron had time to duck back into his room. The directors were notified of Cameron’s actions towards the scholars and asked for an immediate resignation which was granted, and Cameron left to seek another position. The board is now looking for a successor to fill Cameron’s place in the schools. —Scottsbluff Herald.

The Telegraph (Sidney, NE) Friday, February 13th, 1925

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