WEEK 45 2021

The defunct Farmers State Bank of Hadar was entered by robbers, and the two vault doors were blown open with nitroglycerin and the vault shattered. The inner safe had been removed and sold some time ago and the robbers contented themselves with rifling personal deposit boxes, which netted them but 38 cents. Two liberty bonds were overlooked. Damage to the interior of the bank and vault is estimated at about $300.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) Thursday, December 8th, 1921

The two young children of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lipka, who live twelve miles north of Redington, obtained possession of a bottle of carbolic acid recently which had placed on a shelf above the bed, and drank a sufficient quantity of the contents to cause their death in a few hours and before medical aid arrived.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) Thursday, March 11th, 1920

Richard Koberstein, age 40, a farmer living south of Lewellen, Nebr., met a tragic death Sunday morning, Feb. 6, when he drove his Maxwell coupe through the guard rails of the river bridge at Lewellen. He was returning home after attending a dance there. The car capsized and landed in eight feet of water. The accident was not discovered until the next day when boys at play noticed the rear wheel and fender pretending above the water and gave the alarm. When the car was raised, Mr. Koberstein’s body was inside, his neck had been broken in the plunge and there was no doubt death was instantaneous. Just how the accident occurred will never definitely be known, but it is probable that in leaving the completed portion of the new bridge, which is under construction and is joined by a sort of dike to the remaining portion of the old bridge still being used, he was driving too rapidly to make the turn. He has several brothers living near Lewellen.

The Telegraph (Sidney, NE) Tuesday, February 15th, 1927


W.C. Brady of Fremont got a large red June bug in his ear. He suffered excruciating pain and had to be put under the influence of chloroform, and then it took two physicians three hours to extract the bug.

The Dawson County Herald (Lexington, NE) Friday, July 24th, 1891

The editor of the Garland Courier is suffering with several loose teeth as a result of an encounter with D. A. McCullock, whom the paper accused of selling whiskey without a license.

The Wyoming Tribune (Cheyenne, WY) Thursday, August 22nd, 1912

To ride a cow, carry a calf in his arms, and herd a large flock of sheep ahead of him, was the difficult performance of Bud Jolly, a sheepherder, when the woods in Devil’s Canyon caught fire and the flames bore down on the camp where he was herding the stock. Jolly managed to get the entire outfit out of the path of the flames, which destroyed a large amount of valuable timber. The fire was started by campers near Lovell.

The Guernsey Gazette (Guernsey, WY) Friday, September 3rd, 1909

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