WEEK 46 2021

John Swanson, residing seven miles east of Edgar, fell dead while plowing near his house. His little boy, 6 years of age, went to take him a drink and found him lying with his face in the dirt. He had fallen to the right with the lines around his body, and the strain had stopped the team. He was just convalescing from a two weeks’ run of fever. It supposed that he fainted and, falling with his face in the soft earth, smothered. He was about 30 years of age and leaves a wife and three children.

Western News Democrat (Valentine, NE) Thursday, September 1st, 1898

The trial of Gustav Bahr, a squaw man, charged with the murder of Percy Steifer of Niobrara at Pierce on August 12, is scheduled to start when an adjourned term of the district court meets. The shooting is supposed to be the outcome of alleged improper relations of Steifer with Bahr’s daughter, whose mother is an Indian.

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) Thursday, December 8th, 1921

Cokeville—Mrs. J. G. Reynolds, wife of a local merchant, was struck and seriously injured by lightning. Two other women with her were uninjured. The lightning struck Mrs. Reynolds’ head and passed through her body, tearing off her shoes.

Fort Laramie Signal and Jay Em News (Jay Em, WY) Wednesday, August 29th, 1917


Wheatland—The body of a newborn baby girl was found floating on the water of No. 2 canal near the Ninth Street bridge.

Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) Thursday, July 13th, 1916

Cheyenne officers, who arrested James McNulty and R. L. Osborne a few days ago on a charge of threatening a train crew, rejoiced that they had not handled the prisoners roughly. A quantity of liquid found on their persons was analyzed and found to be nitroglycerin. Officers announced that the men have been identified as former convicts with a record at Leavenworth, Kan.

The Guernsey Gazette (Guernsey, WY) Friday, September 2nd, 1921

A burglar, who gave his name as James Drew, climbed up on the veranda of the Tilden block at about 4 o’clock Saturday morning and entered the room occupied by Charles S. Faust. Having reached this point the occupants of the room, Mr. Faust and his father, being asleep, he deliberately proceeded to divest himself of his seedy clothing and put on a suit belonging to Mr. Faust, which better suited his gentlemanly fancy. In making this exchange he accumulated a pocket book with $30 cash and a watch, also the property of Mr. Faust. In the act of taking French leave he was discovered. He ran out on the porch and in attempting to escape slid down or fell from one of the supporting posts of the balcony, injuring himself somewhat, and was caught before he could escape. He was taken before Judge Lee for preliminary examination and remanded to jail in default of $500 bail to await the action of the district court. He wanted to plead guilty of petty larceny but the hard hearted judge could not view in that light. He was one of the tramp street gang and was after a lighter job, which he has now obtained.

The Cheyenne Weekly Sun (Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory) Sunday, June 27th, 1889

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