WEEK 47 2021

Albert J. Carroll, tramp, tried before a Nebraska jury at Kimball on a charge of having shot Cicero Allen and Otto B. Jones, Cheyenne train men, near Kimball, Nebr., Jan. 17, is a free man.

The Hillsdale Review (Hillsdale, WY) Thursday, March 29th, 1917

Jail Sentence For Selling Liquor

Cheyenne—In the United States District Court at Cheyenne, Jack Saldon, who sold G. B. Wolf whiskey, which caused him to kill Little Ant and himself, pleaded guilty to selling liquor to Indians and was fined $100 and costs and sentenced to 60 days imprisonment. Robert Dunn was given the same penalty for a similar offense. William Neil and Ernest Posey pleaded guilty of stealing a cow and were sentenced to one year and one day in the penitentiary. Alma Peterson pleaded guilty to embezzling post office funds at Lovell and was sentenced to pay a fine of $300 and costs.

The Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) Thursday, June 14th, 1914

Met With Instant Death

Fairbury, Nebr., Aug. 4—During the heavy electric storm here last night the farm residence of F. L. Norman, a short distance southwest of Daykin, was struck by lightning and Pearl, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Mr. Norman, was instantly killed. The balance of the family were stunned but recovered in time to escape from the building, which had caught fire and burned to the ground.

Harrison Press-Journal (Harrison, NE) Thursday, August 13th, 1903

These rumors are certainly thick these last two or three days. You never know when the report of your death or suicide will get out. One of the victims reports that she got two or three bunches of flowers. Ordinarily, at present prices, you have to die or get married to get ’em. Probably there will be those who will say that she ought to send them back.

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) Tuesday, October 4th, 1921

Ogallala.—Thieves broke into the elevator of the Ogallala Grain Company some time Wednesday night, taking $5.35 from the safe, having gained access to same with a pick. The pick was stolen from the West Section house on the Union Pacific right of way. The theft was discovered last Thursday morning when employees of the elevator reported for duty. C. G. Scherwitz, manager of the elevator, tells us that the alarm clock was taken into the back office and from all indications the marauders had a nap after the job was completed. The safe is a total loss, the cost of which is estimated at around $200.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) Thursday, December 11th, 1930

Thursday of last week a team belonging to Arthur Smith became frightened on the hill south of town and ran away as they turned the corner at the Acme Garage. Mr. Smith was thrown from the wagon, striking on his head, but miraculously escaping with only a few bruises. The team ran to the home of J. W. Smith and were caught. One of the horses was so severely injured that it had to be killed.—Bushnell Record.

The Telegraph (Sidney, NE) Friday, October 6th, 1922

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