WEEK 50 2021



Kimball—Trying to break a fractious cow to milk is no small job, according to Mrs. Helen Jester, who received a broken collar bone and severe bruises on the face and chest while undertaking it. On Thursday of last week she hobbled the cow and proceeded to milk, when it struggled, became entangled in the ropes, and fell, pinning Mrs. Jester to the ground. She is recovering very speedily, but is now wary of hobbled cows.

The Telegraph (Sidney, NE) Friday, August 17th, 1923

Robert Deerwester, an electrician at the Union Pacific, was killed by a live wire Tuesday. The coroner’s jury found that death was due to his own carelessness.

The Wyoming Democrat (Cheyenne, WY) Thursday, September 21, 1922


Howard Marsh Accidentally Shot By Comrade

Howard Marsh, the twenty year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Marsh of Bear Creek, was accidentally shot and killed Wednesday afternoon by his companion, Fred Dowler, while out duck hunting. Both boys left the Y-Bar ranch in the morning. Late in the afternoon young Dowler returned with the news of the accident. A bunch of ducks left the water and Dowler, in firing, shot Marsh through the head, killing him instantly.

The body was brought to the city Thursday and funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Gleason chapel, with Rev. Nelson officiating. Interment was deferred until yesterday, the remains lying in a vault meanwhile. Two sisters of the dead youth arrived Thursday night from Greeley, where they are attending school.

Fred Dowler is overcome with grief over the accident.

Fort D. A. Russell News (Cheyenne, WY) Sunday, January 28th, 1912


About 5 o’clock Sunday p.m., a young cyclone struck Sidney and the towns near there. Houses were blown down, chimneys demolished, and considerable damage done all through the country. About 50 telegraph poles were blown down, and at Brownson, one man was killed and another badly injured.

The Pine Bluffs Echo (Pine Bluffs, WY) Thursday, July 5th, 1888

Two Denver business men are under arrest in Sidney, Neb., charged with the holdup Friday of the Farmers State Bank at Sunol, Neb., which resulted in two farmers being killed after $4,000 had been taken from the bank vaults.

The Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) Thursday, August 2nd, 1916


Mrs. Samuel Kinnear, living about ten miles southwest of Pine Bluffs, was killed by a pet buck sheep a week ago Saturday, according to the Pine Bluffs Post. The particulars will never be known as no one witnessed the fatal accident.

When Mr. Kinnear returned home from work late in the afternoon he found the body of his wife lying near the house. It is supposed that the buck attacked the little three year old child in the yard and the mother, in rescuing the child, lost her life. The child was in the house when the father returned but was quite badly bruised up. It is thought that the child escaped while the mother was struggling with the buck.

County Coroner Clyde Early came down from Cheyenne to take charge of the body. The body was badly bruised and showed evidences of a severe struggle with the animal.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) Thursday, November 18th, 1915

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