WEEK 1 2022


Successfully Operated On In Denver—Leg Was Broken In Frontier Races

Mary Rush, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Rush, who suffered a broken leg in the ladies’ relay race during the Frontier exhibitions and who was confined in St. John’s hospital since that time, was successfully operated on at St. Luke’s hospital in Denver Friday morning. The operation was performed by Dr. Van Meter, a noted expert in bone surgery, assisted by Dr. Sternberg. Dr. Barber of this city was also present.

It was found that a chord (sic) of connective tissue between the ends of the broken bone and which only covered a small portion of the exposed ends, had delayed the union. This connection was cut away, the ends “freshened” and then fastened by screwing vanadium steel plates to them. A speedy recovery is looked for and there will be no shortening of the limb.

The fact that Dr. Barber had her about when a patient in St. John’s hospital in a wheelchair when the weather permitted, enabled her to build up so that she was able to withstand the shock of the serious ordeal. Miss Rush was to have entered college in Salt Lake City last fall. Her father is a well known Colorado rancher.

Fort D. A. Russell News (Cheyenne, WY) Monday, January 8th, 1912

On Monday morning a party of 7 emigrant wagons passed through this burg on their way to Washington Territory.

The Pine Bluffs Echo (Pine Bluffs, WY) Thursday, July 5th, 1888


Mrs. Grover Sherin of Indianapolis, Ind., was killed instantly three miles south of Akron, Colo., Saturday night, when the truck she was in which she was riding turned over, crushing her skull.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) Thursday, July 28th, 1927

Emily Lee, 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lee of Hampshire, was attacked by a vicious sow and only for the timely aid of a bulldog would no doubt have been torn to pieces.

The Carpenter Record (Carpenter, WY) Friday, August 9th, 1917


Seven Year Old Lad Badly Injured When Struck By Automobile Now Doing Nicely

Claude, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Chambers, is reported as recovering nicely from severe injuries he sustained when struck by an automobile, driven by Mrs. Henry Schultz last Saturday afternoon. The accident occurred on Central Avenue, south of the Burlington tracks. The little fellow was going home with two other boys and he ran around a tractor that was standing in the street and did not see the car that was coming. Neither did the driver of the car see the boy until it was too late to stop. The lad was struck on the leg between the knee and hip, with the result that his leg was fractured. The impact evidently threw him forward and he was struck by one of the lights. The broken glass cut deeply into his chin, which was nearly severed from his face. He also sustained injuries which are also painful when his body lit in the sand and gravel.

The little fellow was given as much relief as possible at the hands of Dr. Taylor and reports from his bedside give the information that he is getting along nicely.

The Sidney News (Sidney, NE) Thursday, June 9th, 1927


Greeley, Colo., Jan. 2.—Alex Miller, deaf mute now in custody in the Denver county jail, today was held responsible for the death of Adam Shank, his wife and four children, by the coroner’s jury. An information charging murder will be filed by Russell Fleming of Fort Collins, district attorney for Weld county, Fleming announced.

Cheyenne State Leader (Cheyenne, WY) Saturday, January 3rd, 1920

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