WEEK 5 2022

Cheyenne.—Warren Jenkins, waiting trial for the murder of his wife, who was clubbed to death in her home here April 14, has refused to permit the county attorney to make an impression of his thumbs and fingers. The slayer left thumb and finger marks on the doors at the Jenkins home.

The Hartville Uplift (Hartville, WY) Saturday, June 22nd, 1912

Posey Ryan, a ranchman of Fort Kramie, shot and killed his wife and daughter while the women were eating dinner in a restaurant in Cheyenne. Mrs. Ryan brought her daughter to Cheyenne last week and commenced suit for divorce from Ryan. Ryan made no resistance to arrest and told police that he expected to hang.

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) Thursday, March 18th 1909


Wes Kelly suffered the loss of 30 sheep by lightning during the storm Monday night. The sheep were in a corral, and every animal in the enclosure was killed.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) Thursday, September 8th, 1921

HARRISON, Nebr., May 21.— Alois Standenmayer was found dead on the prairie ten miles east of Harrison and one mile from the station of Andrews. Indications are that he was murdered.

The Sidney Telegraph (Sidney, NE) Saturday, March 26th, 1900

Paying a man $800 for case of bootleg whiskey at the Missouri Pacific station in Auburn, a well known Verdon man found the bottles full of cold tea. He complained to the sheriff that he had been “robbed by an unmasked bandit.”

The Bushnell Record (Bushnell, NE) Thursday, May 19, 1920

Clarence Cunningham, a paroled convict, whose actions at his home in Albin have been so obnoxious during the past few weeks that it was necessary to arrest him, has been sent back to the pen to finish his term.

The Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) Thursday July 23rd, 1914

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