Lightning Kills Five

Cheyenne, Wyo.,—Three persons killed by lightning during a week, five during the past month, and probably a dozen since the beginning of the year, has caused the people of the state to begin to regard approaching thunder storms with apprehension.

The three victims of the past week met death in widely separated points.

Peter Elbert, 30, was struck and killed while sheltered in the lee of a haystack near Granger, awaiting the passage of a storm. Four other men and a boy were stunned by the bolt, two horses standing nearby were killed, and the haystack was set afire. Two of the stunned men recovered consciousness in time to rescue their companions and the body of Elbert from the flames.

J. M. Reilly was killed near Lander while returning to his ranch through a severe storm. His horse also was killed. The bodies lay beside the road until discovered by a stage driver.

Roger Sutton, 10, was killed ten miles north of Cheyenne when lightning struck a school house. Edwin Ridley, 12, was severely hurt by the bolt and four other persons were stunned.

Ralph Creer, a ranchman, was killed by a bolt near Sunrise and George Maxwell was killed near Wheatland. A short time ago, E. W. Whitcomb, a wealthy stockman, was struck and killed near his Moorcroft ranch, his horse being killed also. Earlier in the summer and spring numerous sheep herders and others were struck and killed or seriously injured and many head of livestock were killed by bolts.

G. L. Biddle, a homesteader residing in the Highlands district, twelve miles northwest of Cheyenne, was struck by lightning during the severe thunder storm which prevailed over that district for an hour, and narrowly escaped death. He was unconscious for an hour, and his right arm is paralyzed. Two horses in a nearby pasture were killed.

Two horses owned by Patrick Fox and ranging in a pasture adjoining the Biddle farm were instantly killed by lightning during the storm.

The point where Biddle was struck is about ten miles distant from the Ridley school, where Roger Sutter was killed by lightning.

The Goshen County Journal (Torrington, WY) Thursday, August 26th, 1915

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