Live Wire

Littleton, Colo., June 2.— Lucille Rider, 17, of Littleton, was electrocuted near here today when she stepped from her automobile after having crashed into a telephone pole, knocking a high tension wire to the ground.

The girl had been swimming in a small lake on the Platte canyon road, and was returning home when she lost control of the car and went off the road into the sand. The car struck the telephone pole, breaking it off near the ground, and the high tension wires carried by the pole fell across the car.

A passer-by who witnessed the accident called to the girl to stay in the car, but, apparently frightened by the accident, she paid no attention, and stepped to the ground, receiving the current from the broken wire when her foot touched the ground.

The Western Nebraska Observer (Kimball, NE) Thursday, July 4th, 1929

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