Broke Both Arms

While Miss Laura Powers, daughter of Senator and Mrs. T. G. Powers, was riding out to the F. D. Skinner home Monday evening, the pony became frightened at some paper in the road and made a couple of bounds. Laura fell in such a manner as to dislocate the wrists and also break both bones in the forearm. She was plucky and walked to the T. H. Elder farm and telephoned home for the folks to come after her in the automobile. She was soon at home and the fracture reduced. It was quite painful for a time, but she braved it out and the only regret was that she would be delayed in her school work because of this accident. The little girl’s companions were grieved at the news of this accident and showed their sympathy by showers and tokens that helped to while away the long hours while Laura has to remain in the house.

Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) Thursday, November 6th, 1913