Frozen Under A Wagon


Presumably the Ross Miller Who Formerly worked here for W. E. Thomas

W. E. Thomas handed us a clipping from a Cheyenne paper telling of the freezing to death of Ross Miller. Mr. Thomas had and idea that this was a man who had worked for him here some time ago, and who was well known in this vicinity. Upon writing to Casper and the receipt of a letter from the marshal of that city he was convinced that it is the same Ross Miller known here. The clipping was as follows:

Caught under an overturned wagon load of wood, Ross Miller, an employee on the big Hibbard ranch fifty miles north of this city, lay with a broken leg for forty-eight hours before he was found. He was almost frozen. Carefully guarding what little life remained, he was carefully brought to this city and is now in the hospital here, lingering between life and death.

Miller was hauling a load of wood to the ranch, which is halfway between this city and Buffalo, when the wagon tipped over on the uneven road. His leg was broken just above the knee and he was powerless to get up or to remove the load from his body. The weather was very severe and he was badly frozen before help reached him forty-eight hours later. One of his legs was frozen stiff. It is reported that his entire body was frozen with the exception of his lungs, but this was erroneous. Whether amputation will be necessary has not been settled to date.

The section of Wyoming where he was working is one of the most isolated in the state. William Rand, a wealthy sheep owner, died in the same region last winter because he could not secure medical attention for the wound which he received.

A later dispatch announced Miller’s death in a hospital at Casper, and the marshal states that he died on the 15th of February, the body being shipped to Corey, Ind., for burial.

Torrington Telegram (Torrington, WY) Thursday, March 13th, 1913

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