Horse Thieves In Silk Scarves

Sheriff Eubank, assisted by his Deputy Tom Moore, captured three Wyoming horse thieves near Persinger’s ranch between Lodgepole and Chappell last Monday morning. They had 13 head of the stolen horses in their possession at the time. They were brought here and Eubank communicated with the Sheriff of Albany County, Wyoming, who offers a reward of $850 for their arrest. Their names are Jim Smith, Chas. Long, and Charley Holland. They look like pretty hard characters. These same men on Sunday while passing through here stole two pairs of boots from A. A. Ricker, and several silk handkerchiefs of Mike Cohn. This little trick had something to do with their arrest for the greater crimes of horse stealing.

The Kimball Observer (Kimball, NE) Friday, September 10th, 1886

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