An Indecent Proposal

H. H. Wiley, an old resident of Bertrand, Neb., was warned to leave town on account of his having made indecent proposals to the 7-year-old daughter of A. M. Hill. While preparing to leave, Wiley was arrested and while in charge of Constable Clayton a band of women, led by the girl’s mother, ordered the officer to give up the prisoner with threats to blow his head off if resistance was made. A rope was placed around the prisoner’s neck, his hands were tied and, covered by a revolver, he was marched out on the main street and in full view of his wife, who is an invalid, and the children, he was thrashed until blood streamed from his hands and face. At this juncture Constable Sandstrom, acting under advice of citizens, ordered the women to desist. Wiley was given two hours to leave town, which he did, starting in a wagon for Iowa, taking his family, except for his wife, who is being cared for by neighbors. Wiley was at one time justice of the peace there and has some city property.

Cherry County Independent (Valentine, NE) Thursday, April 2nd, 1896