Christmas Day Car Accidents

Two Cars Turn Over On Christmas Day

Wm. Sparks, colored, had the misfortune to over-turn his brand new Ford touring car just west of Potter last Tuesday, and to badly wreck it. Luckily he was not hurt seriously.

From all indications Mr. Sparks, who was driving alone, was going at a fair rate of speed and had slipped off into the ditch but had got the car out again when a bee line was made for the ditch. It is evident that when the car struck the ditch it turned end over snout and came out upside wrong.

It will take about $150 to repair the car. We had a hunch that something was going to happen to Mr. Sparks as we saw his pipe up there in the post office, and knew he couldn’t follow the regular routine of life without that companion.

Arthur McCabe and Harold Christensen were the other parties to record an accident. Mr. McCabe was driving moderately in his Ford coupe near the Erickson home north of Potter when control was lost of the car and it went in the ditch and turned over on its side. No one was hurt and the car was not seriously injured.

The Potter Review (Potter, NE) Friday, December 28th, 1923