Died On A Windmill

well known stockman meets tragic death—caught in machinery and his neck broken

A telegram was received in this city last Monday announcing the sudden and tragic death of the well known cattle man, Jeff DeFrance of the company bearing his name and of which he was president. According to particulars it is stated that Mr. DeFrance went out Monday morning before breakfast to regulate one of the windmills on the ranch, which is thirty-five miles south of Alliance. He ascended almost to the top of the mill, a distance of thirty-five feet, while the large wheel was in operation, and in some manner his clothing caught in the gearing and he was choked to death. When Mrs. DeFrance, his newly wedded wife, went out to ascertain his absence, she was horrified to discover him suspended in midair. Help was at once summoned and the body lowered. It was discovered that DeFrance’s neck was broken, and also his jaw.

Jeff DeFrance was one of the best known stockmen in Nebraska and only a short time ago organized the company that now bears his name. He was for many years the manager of the Spade cattle company.

Undertaker Darling of this city was called to prepare the remains for burial, after which they were taken to the old home near Gordon, Nebr., for internment.

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, NE) Thursday, April 13th, 1905