Shoots Bank Officer; Kills Self

Deweese, Nebr.,—William Hedrick, a barber, entered the bank here at Monday noon while Cashier W. E. Underkofler was at lunch and Assistant Cashier Joseph Peshek was alone, went behind the railing and ordered Peshek to open the safe. Peshek tried to gain time by playing with the combination. Hedrick, seeing the ruse, shot him twice in the shoulder and when he turned, shot him in the forehead. Attracted by the shots, citizens rushed in. Hedrick, thinking he had killed his victim, shouted; “Get all the help you can, we have a dead man here.” Then he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. Peshek died saying that Hedrick tried to hold up the bank. Another story is that the two men had quarreled over a girl, and the shooting was the outcome of this.

The Potter Review (Potter, NE) Friday, February 5th, 1918