WEEK 15 2021

Two prominent surgeons of Ogallala last Thursday amputated one of the lower limbs of Mrs. Spicer of that place. Some time ago a flatiron was placed in bed at her feet to warm them. She accidentally burnt one of her her big toes against it. She paid little attention to it until it was noticed that gangrene had set in. This resulted in the excision of the toe and ultimately the amputation of the limb.

Cheyenne Daily Tribune 19 Feb 1887

A rancher named Robert Miller, living on Willow Creek, Montana, committed suicide by shooting himself through the head with a rifle. He had been on a protracted spree and was completely prostrated by its effects.

Nebraska Observer 4 Sep 1885

What might have been a tragic accident occurred Wednesday forenoon when a large section of the north basement wall of the new Torrington Theater which is being built tumbled down. It is a cement wall and was not sufficiently cured to withstand the weight of loose sand and earth which had been piled behind it. When it gave way Harry McDonald and Ed Smith were working next to the lower side and barely escaped being buried beneath the debris. As it was the edge of it caught their feet and bruised them up considerable but no bones were broken and they will be able to be around again in a few days.

Goshen County Journal 13 Jul 1916

Henry Cowing of Oakdale, aged 9 years, died as the result of a peculiar accident. He was attempting to perform some athletic feat, which strained him so badly as to cause his bowels to telescope, and resulted in his death twenty-six hours after the unfortunate accident.

Sidney Telegraph 9 Jan 1897

Henry Pauley, Jr., aged 11 years, residing four miles northeast of Scottsbluff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pauley, met his death in a sudden and tragic manner on last Friday, September 30th, when his life was crushed out under a heavy load of beets. The lad was in the field and had started to drive out with the heavy load when in some unknown manner he lost his balance and fell directly behind the horses, the wheels of the heavily loaded rack passing over him, breaking both arms, crushing in his chest, and dislocating his neck.

Torrington Telegram 6 Oct 1921

The raising of pickles is assuming a place of importance next to sugar beets in Scotts Bluff county. According to Stanley Seymour, manager of the Heinz Pickle company, at Scottsbluff, the county this year is expected to produce 60,000 bushels of pickles from 650 acres planted by 500 growers, and the value of the crop will be $130,000.

Bushnell Record 9 Jun 1921