Bone Surgery


Successfully Operated On In Denver—Leg Was Broken In Frontier Races

Mary Rush, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Rush, who suffered a broken leg in the ladies’ relay race during the Frontier exhibitions and who was confined in St. John’s hospital since that time, was successfully operated on at St. Luke’s hospital in Denver Friday morning. The operation was performed by Dr. Van Meter, a noted expert in bone surgery, assisted by Dr. Sternberg. Dr. Barber of this city was also present.

It was found that a chord (sic) of connective tissue between the ends of the broken bone and which only covered a small portion of the exposed ends, had delayed the union. This connection was cut away, the ends “freshened” and then fastened by screwing vanadium steel plates to them. A speedy recovery is looked for and there will be no shortening of the limb.

The fact that Dr. Barber had her about when a patient in St. John’s hospital in a wheelchair when the weather permitted, enabled her to build up so that she was able to withstand the shock of the serious ordeal. Miss Rush was to have entered college in Salt Lake City last fall. Her father is a well known Colorado rancher.

Fort D. A. Russell News (Cheyenne, WY) Monday, January 8th, 1912