Terrible Trip

A few days ago as Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gleich, who live near Doniphan, were returning home, their team became frightened and upset the buggy. Mr. Gleich was thrown out on his head and shoulders and sustained a few bruises, but Mrs. Gleich was less fortunate. Her foot and knee became entangled in the wheel and she was dragged for a distance of one and one-half miles and crossing seven bridges over the hard rough oak planks. Every particle of clothing was torn from her body and her entire body is covered in bruises. Both limbs and abdomen were lacerated and bruised, but impossible as it may seem, no bones were broken. The worst injuries are internal. During the entire trip she remained conscious. The team, after running this distance, ran into a barbed wire fence, throwing one of the horses and holding him fast.

This was near the residence of a Mr. Gallagher. He, hearing the struggling horses, went out to investigate. She was then unconscious and was carried into the house, and a physician called.

Cherry County Independent (Valentine, NE) Thursday, March 12th, 1896